IMG_9204About Erica

Hi, my name is Erica Jinks (no pokes, no cokes) and I’m really glad you made it to my page! Thanks for visiting! I’m a 24 year old health fanatic who also really likes ice cream.  And eats it…a lot. No shame.

Since June 22nd of ’94, I have been battling the most worthy opponent anyone ever faces: myself. I have spent years of trying fad diets and inconsistent gym sessions fueled by self-loating, in an effort to create some for of positive self-esteem.  Through too much trial and error, I made a discovery.  This war that I waged with my weight was so hard and grueling, because I was focused on the numbers on the scale defining me more than the quality of my life and health.  Everything I was doing was NOT fun or enjoyable.  Like, at all.  I decided it was time to stop being so stubborn and ignorant and lazy and research how to health so that I could love myself, rather than how to get skinny so maybe I would get cat-called at a bar.  What I found: being healthy is more than just eating bland, broing foods.  Being healthy is about appreciating yourself enouhg to fuel your body and mind with good (pardon me) shit until YOU FEEL GOOD!!  No stupid number on a scale can give you that.

So, how did I do it? How did I lose 52 pounds and keep it off?  How did I create self worth? How did I make healthy food taste delicious?  How did I do it without giving up coffee (important question)?!?!?!

Well, I’ve dedicated this blog to making it more simple for you to find the hijinks in being healthy, and find your happy.

Just follow along and I’ll show you! 🙂

Xo Erica

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