What even is a Health Coach?

“So are you like a nutritionist or a dietician?” “Oh you’re like a personal trainer, right?” “Health coach? Is that about food?”  This is a question I get A LOT and also really love answering.

A Health Coach is a Master of Habit Change

So…what does that mean?  Here’s my best example:

A woman goes to a nutritionist because she has just learned that she has a food allergy, and would like a specific meal plan to help her with this allergy.  She has the plan, she knows she is allergic to (let’s say) gluten, she knows how awful it feels when she eats anything with gluten, and really wants to make this change for herself so she can enjoy eating again.  Now,  having everything at her disposal, she has no frick frackin’ clue how the heck she’s going to live a life where breads, and all of the fun desserts that she loves are not at the center of her universe.  She has everything she needs, and now needs help ACTUALLY using it and implementing it into her life, instead of sometimes following it and getting upset about her new restrictions.  This is where a health coach comes in.

Health coaching helps you overcome the obstacles you face when making changes in your LIFE.  You can all of the tools you need, or none, a health coach will help you figure out how to get YOU where you want to be.  It’s all about YOU.  It’s not a list of foods you should or shouldn’t eat.  It’s not generic tips on weightloss or how to stop binge eating everything in sight.  It’s getting down to the problems YOU are facing, and finding ways to help YOU make the changes that you want.  A health coach helps you make moves.  How cool is that?!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with coaching!

Xo Erica

Sunset at Long Beach Island New Jersey


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