How are you with getting enough greens?

I didn’t used to be a veggie girl.  Now, throw me some kale and spinach and I am one happy rabbit child!  I discovered through intuitive eating that more veggies, cooked and raw, just make my body feel soooo good.  I only made this discovery by trial and error, and finding ways to sneak them into my diet with little-to-no detection.

Here are some of my tried and true ways to sneak greens in your diet!

Make them the center of your meal


Okay, I know this first one doesn’t sound so sneaky, but hear me out…we’re brought up in a society where we base our meals off of a form of protein.  What changed the game for me, was looking at vegetables as the main event, and meats and proteins as a side dish.  Specifically looking up cool ways to cook veggies or new medleys to try, based on what is in season. THEN pairing it with proteins that I thought would sound yummy. This is an awesome guide for what’s in season by a blog called At the Table.



Have I really lost you now? When I say salads, I don’t mean leaves and dressing. There are so many supercharged salads you can make and so many different styles that are simply yummy! This article by Rachel Drunkenmiller, shows you 17 ways you can do just that.


Spinach & Kiwi Smoothie

They don’t even necessarily have to be green, but they can have greens in them.  There are quite a few veggies you can add to a smoothie to make it green like spinach and squash. This article by Kelsey Kloss gives a few recipes of hidden veggie smoothies, and explains the benefits of the hidden veg.

Green Juice

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This one is not something I practice too often because I don’t like bitter foods and juices (even though that kind of flavor is best for my body type). So I use a natural greens supplement that goes fairly undetected. It works great in smoothies too. If that sounds more your speed for a a green juice, click here for $10 off.

Fluff up your Carbs

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I am finding more and more recipes that are using veggies AND carbs/grains together and it’s simply genius. Add some zoodle to your noodle, or cauliflower to your rice and mac and cheese. My favorite is adding chopped spinach to my rice while it’s still cooking. The same amount of rice is now laced with veggie power, and it gives a nice texture and fresh flavor.

Hope these tips help you get those greens! If they did, let me know! If you need help with anything else, let me know that too! I’d love to take a shot at it 🙂

Xo Erica

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