There is nothing quite like some warm mashed potatoes or gooey mac and cheese to make a rainy day (or plain ol’ sh**y day) feel a little better. Problem is…comfort food aren’t as good for the body as they are for the soul, and often come with a side of guilt. That ends up being pretty counter productive in the grand scheme of things!

Here are 5 healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods

Mac & Cheese

Healthy Mac and Cheese: one heaping cup of comfort food for just 350 calories. Simple, creamy, homemade goodness. So good! |

This is an all time classic that I personally grew up on. The best way to revamp this comfort food is to add veggies! Cauliflower and broccoli both also taste luscious in melted cheese. Another option is adding butternut squash, like in this recipe by Pinch of Yum.

Mashed Potatoes

Vegetable Mash Alternatives

Nothing quite like some hot mashed taters! A great alternative is to either add or simply use a different vegetable that can be boiled and mashed. Example: potatoes and cauliflower, or just mashed cauliflower, turnips, squash, carrots or sweet potato. Check out this article by the Pioneer Woman for some other mashed veggie combos you can make.

Grilled Cheese

Yes, more cheese! I am notorious for burning grilled cheese (my roommates would tell you) but I still love it! This is one of those cheap, easy meals to make that can toggle the line of healthy and not-so-healthy depending on the chef. Check out this article by EatingWell for some of the secrets to making a healthier grilled cheese.

Nice Cream

Yup, you read that right. NICE cream is a variation of ice-cream made from sweet and delicious fruit! Natural sugars and super easy to make at home. This article from My Whole Food Life has 25 different recipes for you to try at home,

Cheese Burger

Get the recipe.

There’s a few ways you can remix this classic to be a bit healthier too.  The burger itself can be made with lean turkey meat, black beans or other vegetables instead of ground beef. You can check out a bunch different ideas for a different patty in this article by Buzzfeed.


Another aspect of the burger you can change up is the bun. You can skip it all together, or use a different kind of bread. You can even turn to alternatives that are not bread related like this plantain bun recipe from my own blog.


Hope you have fun enjoying your favorite comfort foods without the guilt! I’d love to see what recipes you try! Post them and tag me! @erica_hijnks

Xo Erica

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