Blueberry Plantain Waffles

Flour-Free Fruit Waffles It amazes me what you can put in a waffle iron! My favorite lately is using fruits like bananas and plantains as the base, and adding oats or protein powder. I've made so many different variations of a waffle that I may just do a series on it! It's is a super [...]

Patacones- Plantain Burger Bun

Plantains as a Bun Replacement? Yes PLEASE! My inspiration for this came from one of those viral Facebook videos that highlights restaurant in south Florida.  One of their most popular burgers uses a fried plantain instead of a bun.  I thought it looked pretty simple and wanted to try since Cory is allergic to most [...]

Simple Golden Turmeric Latte

Golden Latte is the new Chai Latte Ever have a spicy latte before? You'll definitely want to try this! This Golden Turmeric Latte is good for so many reasons that go beyond your taste buds thanks to the spice power. On top of being delicious, it also serves as a(n)... Anti-inflammotory Metabolism boost Immunity boost [...]